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Recently I saw some whitepapers showing how great the hosted PBX industry will develop in the following years that fill up with great expectations. Yes, VoipNow is a product that market cries for it 🙂 . Yes, hosted IP PBX market is here to stay (and grow) and offers obvious advantages. But, do we know how to capitalize the opportunities generated by this increasing demand?

There are two worlds colliding as the world communication is moving on IP basis: the telecom world and the xSP world, now becoming one big unified IP services market. When we start developing VoipNow couple of years ago we want it to be a bridge between hosting and telco world as his architecture and features were oriented to our primary target: the hosting providers. VoipNow may not be the only hosted PBX software on the market and arguably neither the best nor the most user friendly, but indeed, for xSP market, VoipNow is the most adapted product and is where it offers the greatest value proposition.

I had some chats with partners coming from traditional hosting and exploring entering into hosted voice business. They feel the potential but their lack of knowledge in telco sector could be a great business inhibitor. That’s why we think to give them a little help with some documents showing how to sell voice services to their (hosting) clients. There are real life scenarios with cost and revenue figures showing the economics behind a hosted voice business. You can find them here. In the following weeks I’ll keep searching for more useful info and white papers on the web about the hosted PBX business and share with you in the next posts.


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  • The proponents of hosted VoIP solutions have definitely got some compelling arguments that are responsible for the increasing popularity of VoIP phone systems. The only potential cloud I can see is a possible shakeout amongst service providers, which seems inevitable at some stage. Most of the players are SMBs and they’ve got a significant juggling act to handle: cash flow, customer service and growth.

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  • First I would like to appreciate you for the valuable information sharing with us. Thanks for making informative post.

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  • Thanks for this information because this very valid information for all Hosted PBX providers.This is something new that they know about PBX systems more and it is also very valuable.From large to Small Concerns they are using PBX systems only.It is useful in VOIP services and all business PBX solutions.

    hosted pbx providers 11 years ago Reply

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