Happy New 2015!


As the end of this year approaches, everyone is making retrospectives of 2014 and forecasts for 2015. I’m sure you’ve already read a thousand times how great 2015 will be for communication and collaboration. Just a few thoughts I read lately:

  • most companies will (finally) understand and begin to leverage the power of the cloud.
  • business will explode as service providers are going to bundle amazing services with fabulous customer support.
  • BYOD is grand for efficiency and a true morale boost, but still gives nightmares to IT/infrastructure teams.
  • service providers would kill (don’t take it literally đŸ™‚ ) to extend their horizontals or even verticals with Unified Communications.
  • another great/amazing/supercalifragilistic chat app will be launched to take down WhatsApp.

Let’s add some privacy conspiracy theory and the picture for 2015 is complete đŸ˜‰

We don’t know how great 2015 will be, but we can make one promise. We will continue to care about our customers, team, products, services and about all the small things that apparently are not important.

For our partners, customers, blog readers, Clouders, ex-Clouders, and for all those who want to become Clouders


Happy New 2015!


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