Do I need Plesk to use VoipNow?

The idea to write here answers to some popular questions came to us after HostingCon 2008 (yes, we got lots of questions there). In the following days we will try to answer to such questions.

People often asked if Plesk is required in order to use VoipNow. The answer is that VoipNow has nothing to do with Plesk, it’s a totally different software. Its interface looks pretty much alike, and it was created this way for end users, because it’s easier for them to learn software with a familiar interface. In fact VoipNow cannot be installed on the same server with Plesk. However, we created a Plesk addon, called VoipNow Plesk Module that allows server administrators to link together Plesk servers with VoipNow servers. This software builds an interesting opportunity for a hosting company, because they can use their customer base to upsell VoIP services. As VoipNow is ready for SMB customers, the hosting company business will boost.

The free VoipNow Plesk Module allows hosting customers to perform all hosting and VoIP related operations under Plesk. But even in this case you will need a server with Plesk and a server with VoipNow (VPSes are ok).

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