2011 Cool Summer Internship Update

Thank you for applying on Stagiipebune (or sending us the resumes directly), taking the online tests and solving the problems we published. We received a couple of very interesting solutions!

While we initially wanted to finish the recruitment stage of the program at the end of May, we discovered that it will not be possible due to the exams period. That’s why we will end this phase of the program around 10 June. We will publish an update next week with more details.

We have already recruited several talented students, but it is still very possible to join our team. If you haven’t applied yet, it is still possible to do it until the end of the week. We especially recommend the Web Developer (PHP, JavaScript) and the Software Quality Assurance Engineer positions, as the teams are still incomplete. The Web Developer will prepare you for building the web interface and the back-end of large scale cloud projects, while the Software Quality Assurance Engineer assignment will familiarize you with various aspects of software quality like performance, security, compliance. More details are available here.

This does not mean that there are no more chances with the other internship positions – we will hire anyone who passes our tests! This is a part of our core values – if you value excellence, innovation and passion there is always a place for you in the 4PSA team, no matter if we are actively looking for a new colleague or not.


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  • Hy, i’ve tried to take a test but there’s nothing for me. I login every day since i received the username & password and still a test didn’t show.

    Aron Georgel 13 years ago Reply

    • Please log in again now and if you still do not see your test in the 4PSA test interface, please send an email to education@4psa.com.

      Blog wizard 13 years ago Reply

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