Cool Summer Internship 2015 Kicks Off

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”

Alan Kay uttered this quote in a fit of passion at a 1971 meeting of PARC (Palo Alto Research Center), and it’s as true today as it was back then.

Here at 4PSA, we strongly agree with this mindset. This is why we make it our business to hire the brightest minds right out of school, nurture them, give them purpose, all while making the world a better place for everyone.

Raise your hand

Last week, we dropped by the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science to present young students with a pathway towards materializing their dreams in cloud computing and software development. This Saturday, we’re taking on Polytechnic University of Bucharest where we have high hopes to meet more future Clouders.


Think you may be up for starting your engineering career at 4PSA? We are serious about a lot of interesting technologies and programming languages. We work with C/C++, Objective-C, JavaScript, PHP, Erlang, Java, Python and the list is not complete. Why so many? Two reasons: we use the right tool for the job and our products are complex. We handle everything, starting with the user interface on the client device and ending with the distributed database.

As part of our team, interns will handle the development of our communication and collaboration platform – design and prototype based on requirements, learn about real-time communication systems and cloud architecture, and master the art of scalability. Unlike other software companies, we have a pretty balanced team gender-wise. Our engineers are 43% girls and 57% guys.

We also do fun, like foosball and biking, and we have our own gym for whenever we feel like stretching. Got a big imagination? Use the 3D printer to make literally anything you can think of.


The actual roles to fill are:

Internship Cloud Backend Software Engineer

Internship iOS Software Engineer

Internship JavaScript Software Engineer 

Internship Linux C/C++ Software Engineer

Internship SQA Automation Software Engineer

You can also join as a Junior Product Manager. It’s the first time when we opened such a position and it will be interesting to see the results. Product Managers are the cool people responsible with products and services, the CEO of the product (read more about it here).

Use the links above to apply for your preferred job, take a quick online test, and finally drop by our offices for an interview with the best team you have ever met 🙂

Learn now, blow us away later

The beauty of the internship concept is that nothing too fancy is required on your end. We are looking for strong technical skills, an engineering mindset and common sense.

Career-wise, interns begin their journey by working right on the products. Your contribution is visible, not tucked away in a place where only fellow programmers have access. Here, we encourage performance and initiative and we are a pretty flat organization, we do not have any barriers for senior contribution.

Your path from intern to accomplished engineer will be crystal clear right from the get go. You’ll also have the opportunity to take free courses and get invaluable advice from seniors. Will you improve your coding skills with this internship? You bet, but keep in mind that our goal is to make you a better engineer.

When we say we want to build the future, we mean it. If you feel the same, there’s no more need to emphasize how much you’ll love 4PSA.

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