A Spring Love Story

The March day was slowly unfolding over the garden. The air was fresh and cheerful birds were singing up in the trees. Flowers of all colors turn their heads towards the sun to catch the warm spring rays.

If only words could let you feel the amazing fragrances everywhere…



Allured by all this beauty, a girl came into the garden and sat down under a big tree. A tiny swallow was resting on its old branches.

– Hey, beautiful girl! Who are you and what are you doing in my garden?

– Oh, little swallow, you scared me. I didn’t know you can speak… I saw the beautiful weather outside and came out to smell the perfume of your flowers. And I’m in love 🙂

– Beautiful girl, my flowers always smell amazing, not just today. And yes, I can speak, but only for those who can open their hearts to hear me.

– During this long, frozen winter, I’ve been longing for the sun to warm me up. I’ve been missing you so much. Because you, swallow, can bring the spring back into my heart!

The swallow stretched its tiny wings and flew on the girl’s hand. She raised her hand up in the air to bring it closer to her heart. It was so delicate, so perfect!

– Oh, beautiful girl, no matter who you are and what language you speak, today is your day!

– Thank you, sweet swallow. Promise me that every time I’ll need spring back in my heart, you will come to me flying on a sun ray. 🙂

– Beautiful girl, remember this: every day is your day if you make it special!

And the swallow again stretched its delicate wings and flew away. The girl watched it and thought:

– Who am I, the swallow asked me. I’m an IT girl who’s enjoying a special day… How are you celebrating the women in your life?

Happy Women’s Day to all beautiful ladies around the world! 🙂

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