3 Tips to Solve Communication Problems with Your Clients

So what’s the secret behind successful customer relationship management? This question is no doubt on everyone’s lips these days and has turned into a hot topic for most businesses. If you’re looking for potential solutions, here’s one: find a proper communication channel which meets the needs of your organization and clients at the same time.

Communication Problems with Clients | Hubgets

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Typical communication problems with clients

First things first, let’s start with some common communication problems which can take your team down the wrong path if ignored.

  1. Going global and expanding client portfolio. Just think of all those different countries and time zones you have to cover!
  2. Going global also means your team is growing fast, which slows down communication and collaboration with each other, as well as with clients.
  3. Your business is not reachable at all times. This is probably the worst thing you can do to your clients – not being able to support them or allow them to reach you whenever they feel it’s necessary.
  4. Social networks, community, phone, chat you name it. There are dozens of tools used on a daily basis for communication purposes in your company. This makes it difficult to keep track of all the information going around and blurs the lines on task accountability. What happens when an important client must speak with you as soon as possible, but the account manager has been out sick for days and nobody knows what their conversations were about?
  5. Let’s pretend it’s OK to use all these tools at the same time. Besides potential high operation costs for making use of all their hip features, pause for a second and think about how secure this behavior actually is.

Instant collaboration for top business performance

Now, how can you and your team make the most of daily work, without fueling these common strategic and frustrating problems? This is where Hubgets enters the picture – a solution that turns work communication into instant collaboration by getting rid of all that chaos in your team.

Reinvent your communication habits

Hubgets is an easy-to-use tool which helps you keep all communication in one place. Staying connected in real-time with employees will help you work with a well-informed team and provide you with full visibility over workflows, whereas having the means to reach customers from different locations will further strengthen business relationships. The best part is that you can voice, video, and message both your team and your partners from the same interface. It is a fast and non-disruptive way to easily reach anyone you need to speak with. Guess what this means: you no longer have to struggle to regularly keep up with that dozen of tools. And we all know how important reaction time is for your team and clients.
This would be a good time to also mention that you fully control calls and messages from the browser, which will completely improve your workflow by letting you filter interruptions and focus on the most important tasks. Remember that the success of your business has much to do with how easily you can be reached at any given moment.


Customer records in Hubgets


Document communication history like a pro

Feel like sharing with your colleagues a crucial conversation that was only in video format? Or maybe one of your teammates forgot what you spoke about during your previous meeting? Not a problem, because Hubgets lets you record both voice and video calls for a more accurate call history. Being able to record conversations allows you to review them as many times as you need in order to take detailed notes. Think of this feature as your personal aid in building an internal customer base and, why not, in creating detailed customer profiles.
Don’t worry, it doesn’t come alone. Besides the recording option, you can import all your contacts into Hubgets, leave notes on their profiles, and then instantly share them with your teammates. The smart search and tags will help you quickly locate and organize shared files and communication threads. By making it more accessible to share facts and details with the rest of the team, more people will benefit from your input. Documenting communication history will help you in your work and maintaining the transparency will improve teamwork.


Customer notes in Hubgets

Secure external communication

It all sounds amazing so far. What happens if you want to contact someone outside the company, perhaps a potential customer, from the same interface, but without exposing company information or personal details? Our team is currently working on a time-limited session for voice, video, and chat you can use to communicate with anyone outside your company. How does it work? Well, wait and see 😉
As a Hubgets user, you can easily transfer files, make audio and video calls and record them, and keep records of your communication. Feeling curious? Take a product tour to see how Hubgets makes your business work better and feel free to share your thoughts with us.

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