Why I Decided to Stay Onboard once My Cool Summer Internship Ended

This year, we’re having the fifteenth edition of the 4PSA Cool Summer Internship, a program in which we take great pride. Our internship program has been running uninterruptedly for the past 15 years, every summer, for 3 months.

Why I Decided to Stay Onboard once My Cool Summer Internship Ended

What is the Cool Summer Internship?

4PSA’s internship program is addressed to students or fresh graduates from IT and STEM universities or related fields. We designed it to accommodate our interns from the very start. Since day one, they are integrated in one of our teams and begin working on one of our products. Each of them gets assigned a mentor who will be there for them and:

  • Guide them during their internship.
  • Answer their questions–and there’s NO such thing as bad questions!
  • Lend a helping hand whenever they need it.

During the Cool Summer Internship, our interns enjoy our team perks, like the free shuttle service, the complimentary lunch, our social activities and events. And let’s not forget the Friday rooftop parties that are a great success all summer long. Our annual teambuilding is where most interns start feeling like they truly belong with the team.

Once the internship ends, some of our interns stay with the company and become full team members. For those of them who still attend classes, the work schedule is flexible and adapted to their needs.

Stories from interns turned full employees

We have many success stories during these 15 years of internship and lots of fun every summer.

We asked some of our team members who stayed onboard after their Cool Summer Internship program ended to tell us more about their experience. Here are their stories.

From intern to mentor

The internship is our first contact with the real world after finishing school. It’s the moment when every graduate decides whether they chose the right career path. That’s why it is very important for it to be a positive experience. The colleagues, the work environment, the mentors, the tasks, are all part of this experience.

I started my career 6 years ago during the Cool Summer Internship, as part of the SQA team. The positive experience of the internship had a great influence on my decision to stay with the company once it was over. Now I am the leader of one of the front-end teams.

In the time spent at 4PSA, I feel like I have greatly developed my knowledge and important skills, such as time management, communication and teamwork. The work environment is relaxed, everybody is friendly and willing to help. 

I am now a mentor in the Cool Summer Internship. I believe that having gone through this experience myself is helping me become a better mentor. I’m doing my best to integrate the interns into the team and facilitate their transition from students to professionals.”

Florentina, 6 years at 4PSA

This could be anyone’s experience once they decided to stay with us at the end of their internship. Today’s intern is tomorrow’s mentor. 4PSA is a place where you can better yourself while being yourself.

Passion for what you do

Our interns are passionate people, who appreciate the company of like-minded individuals, and love making new friends.

The 4PSA Cool Summer Internship was a complex experience for me. Ever since the beginning, I noticed that everyone around was truly passionate and eager to help and share their knowledge with us, the interns. I’m working for the company for more than a year now and my team is still extremely nice and helpful.

My first teambuilding as an intern was super fun. It offered us the chance to interact with everyone in an environment different from the office. I made friends with other interns, but also with the other 4PSA employees.

Emilia, 1 year at 4PSA

Get hands-on, right on

Everybody seems to appreciate the extra perks offered by the company, and the informal activities we often organize. However, for our interns, the chance of working directly with our products seems to be just as exciting.

The Cool Summer Internship was even better than I expected, giving me the chance to get some valuable hands-on practice in the field of programming. During the first few weeks, we received training that helped us familiarize with the products and the tools that we were going to use from then on. I was surprised to be assigned my own project from the beginning and encouraged to learn by experimenting.

Another thing that surprised me in a positive way was the amount of benefits we received as 4PSA employees. Free rides, free lunch, and an awesome teambuilding, with an impressive amount of delightful activities, which was a nice way to wrap-up the program.

Razvan, 1 year with 4PSA

The teambuilding

Our annual teambuilding getaway gives everyone a chance to bond in a relaxed environment. This fun and informal setup helps the newcomers integrate in the team blazing fast. Because working with friends is always more enjoyable!

Why I Decided to Stay Onboard once My Cool Summer Internship Ended

What I enjoyed most about the Cool Summer Internship was that even from the first weeks we were making a real contribution to the product. Solving my tasks helped me grasp a better understanding of Hubgets and of the technologies involved in the process.

The teambuilding was an experience that I would love to repeat, having offered me the chance to get to know the team through interesting games and exercises. And our bond grew even stronger during the daily lunch breaks at the office.

Andreea, 1 year at 4PSA

Challenge accepted

Some people just love a good challenge, and we are always happy to provide.

For me, the highlight of the internship was the fact that I got the chance to work on a product that would eventually be used by other people. The project was quite challenging, but that has only enhanced the experience. 

The Cool Summer Internship helped me realize that being an engineer and building different products is actually really cool. I had also enjoyed the office environment and the time spent with my colleagues.

Andrei, 2 years at 4PSA

Keep an open mind

The internship can open your mind to new horizons. Sometimes, you don’t really know what you are good at until you try it. That’s why we encourage our interns to keep an open mind and trust their instincts.

For me, the Cool Summer Internship was a totally unique experience. I learned a great deal of new things and participated in exciting events, such as the Hackathon and the summer teambuilding. The latter has helped me connect with my colleagues, and even with myself. Taking part in outdoor activities with my peers made me realize that work doesn’t have to be boring 🙂

During the internship, I became interested in the SQA position, which I had never considered until then. Thanks to the rest of the team, I was able to grasp a better understanding of this part of Software Engineering.”

Andreea, 3 years with 4PSA

More often than not, while seeking to discover the world, you also discover yourself.

The journey from student to professional

Ultimately, the internship is meant to help you grow and become a good professional. It gives young people the opportunity to experiment and gain experience in a field in which their previous knowledge was mostly theoretical. Our top technologies play an important part in this process.

Being a 4PSA intern was one of the most exciting experiences. It gave me the opportunity to work with friendly people passionate about technology, who are always ready to help, so that we reach our common goals.

Any student looking for an internship should know that new technologies are a top priority here. I’ve been working at 4PSA for more than a year now and I love the fact that I was encouraged to continue to express myself. It feels important to me that my ideas are being considered, which helps me grow as a software engineer, while also bringing value to the team.

Nicoleta, 1 year at 4PSA

This could be you!

All-in-all, the Cool Summer Internship is an experience greatly appreciated by our former interns. At the end, some of them are invited to stay onboard, as full members of our team. And already being part of our team makes that decision much easier.

4PSA Cool Summer Internship

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