What Happens In Rucar Doesn’t Stay In Rucar

A week ago, everyone at 4PSA (well, almost everyone – as some of us had to stay in the office and keep an eye on things) were off to nowhere, i.e. Rucar, bonding with the team, trying to know each other even better, and cultivating that spirit of togetherness that makes things move, while having fun.

Team Buildings, Who Needs Them?

We do. This trip served as an excuse to reinforce our team. And like with the ones before, this was again to the benefit of everyone, not just the team, or the company per se. It was an opportunity to enrich and broaden our perspective on our team-mates, on how we function both separately and as a whole, so that when we’re working together, we can meet right in the middle.



Generally, team buildings may seem just an occasion or reason to have fun, but ours are more than that. At least, this is what things look like from where we stand. If work has ever been a cause of conflict between us (and sometimes it has), this team building was a chance to catch a better glimpse of who we are in the absence of work-related tension as well as in its presence. The answers we got helped us see the whole picture. Due to the different projects we work on, we don’t always interact with all colleagues, so this was also an opportunity to catch up and discover each other a lot more. Last but not least, this team building was yet another chance to build a deeper sense of belonging and confidence in a stronger union that can only make us better at what we do.

That Post-Team Building Feeling

This was not 4PSA’s first team building, and like with all sorts of relationships, in time it gets better and better. Each of these experiences reveals more missing pieces in the puzzle; the picture gets clearer and, as team-mates, not only can we see better, but we can also be better seen.

And the energy of that first Monday that followed the team building weekend was just awesome. We discussed about it over coffee, while internal communication channels got flooded by hundreds of more or less embarrassing pictures. 😀

And don’t forget, what happens in Rucar doesn’t stay in Rucar. 🙂 It’s an experience to remember and to learn from.

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