Verb Days 3: Live Updates

The Verb Days are here!
To help you get a glimpse of what we’re up to, stay tuned to this post. We’ll be sharing updates throughout the day.

1:30 AM We proudly announce that Verb Days #3 was a blast! Each application was different and so was each team’s presentation style. Laughter often ensued, but so did critical thinking, improvement suggestions and even new ideas.

The winning team was WOW &Co. with their app Near Deal. Here’s a teaser of what the app does – can you guess? We’ll be back with details early next week, so stay tuned :).


8:00 PM – Almost 12 hours into the hackaton, it was only natural we deserved some pizza! Its divine effects were noticed right away: the sound of swift typing echoes throughout the office. People are getting enthusiastic. Only a couple of hours left until the final presentations!


2:00 PM – Time for a healthy lunch to boost the energy level. After enjoying the delicacies provided by Biomediterraneo, we’re ready to work some more!



10:00 AM – Debates have ended and teams have divided their tasks. Everyone’s focused in front of their screens. A second round of coffee seems about right.

Verb Days 3

8:00 AM – It’s happening! The Clouders are in the house. Ideas start popping up. In big secrecy, however. You can hear enthusiastic whispering from various corners of the office. The smell of fresh coffee is in the air, helping us push the pedal of inspiration. In less than 15 hours, we will turn thoughts into reality. At least a beta one. 🙂

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