The Human Steve

Everyone praises SJ for his technological achievements. Some say that he was the greatest CEO of our times. The saddest thing in death is that everyone seems to admire you after passing. 🙁

It’s not a secret that I am great admirer of SJ’s work, although I am not a Mac fan in particular. Steve did a lot for our industry. Not only did he bring technology closer to humans, but he simplified the life of many. He truly understood what people liked and how they want to feel. His vision was exceptional.


Steve Jobs | Photo Copyright Simon & Schuster

But what has always impressed me even more was his power to execute, (re)(re)(re)re-start from scratch and never give up. It’s impossible to really know what was inside Steve’s brain, but at least this book will give us some clues.

This video captured in 1997 speaks about Steve’s extraordinary vision and passion.

This is indeed a very sad day. Thank you Steve!

Later edit: Five years later, what could express our feelings better than the original article celebrating Steve Jobs’ life. His legacy lives on.

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