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12 Signs You Are Good With Money [Infographic]

No, this is not one of those posts that only the wealthy will get. Whether you have a fat bank account or whether you live paycheck to paycheck, some financial matters are just as germane. Paying for bills, planning for a big purchase, or considering a retirement plan are things we all confront with during our lifetime. But there are other aspects to consider as well.

An infographic by Business Insider highlights not three, not five, but 12 important aspects about

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Quote of the Day by Bette Davis

Photo by Anders Nord on Unsplash

What would you do if money suddenly wasn’t a problem anymore? Some people would choose a life of indolence and non-stop partying, others would succumb to drugs or alcohol, perhaps others would blow it all on gambling. But some, a select few, would change nothing.

Wealth doesn’t affect everyone in the same way

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They Say Timing Isn’t Everything, But These Numbers Beg to Differ

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I recently heard someone say “timing isn’t everything,” in that it shouldn’t be at the top of your to-do list as a general rule. I thought, fair enough. It doesn’t have to be the #1 priority all the time, that much is true. But it’s still up there, regardless of your line of work. In marketing, it’s as important as any other issue.

Getting the content right is usually a non issue in marketing. Basically, you just need “something” that can be used in a campaign. It’s not a priority – it’s a must! Without the content, you don’t have marketing, period. Now, since content creators are everywhere, putting together a colorful banner or a video is not a pressing issue. What you do with that content is much more important.

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