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12 Common Types of Communication in the Workplace

Communicating effectively within a company is critical both for the organization, but also for the individuals involved. The most successful people on the planet are the best communicators. The most successful companies are those able to communicate their message in the most effective ways. At this point, the importance of communication in the workplace is unquestionable. However, it can be classified in several ways, depending on who, and how, is sending, and receiving the message.

Common Types of Workplace Communication

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The Surprising Importance Of Formal Communication At Work

In this day and age, millennial-run startups prefer a more horizontal type of organizational structure. People are more and more inclined towards blurring the lines between formal and casual. However, formal communication hasn’t totally lost its power. There are still instances in which this type of communication is needed. In such cases, it can make all the difference between order and chaos at work.

In this article we are going to discuss the main advantages of formal communication, and how we can overcome its disadvantages.

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