My First Week As Intern At 4PSA

Today we have a guest post written by Vladut, who is an intern at 4PSA’s Cool Summer Internship. Enjoy!

Even though the week starts on Monday around these parts, for me last week started on Sunday because – enthusiasm. Monday proved to be extremely fast-paced and it was dedicated entirely to us, the interns. We started to know each other a little, learning everyone’s names and forgetting them the next second 🙂 I was quite surprised to see that, despite all the stereotypes and urban legends surrounding software companies, the number of girls was almost equal to the number of guys.

After the first workplace training, we were offered a company tour. As a programmer, there are many rules to follow. By far the funniest one had to be don’t put your fingers in the sockets. We received a lot of attention and there were lots of surprises, including a mini-party. We ate pufuleti and the first day was over before we knew it. Time flies when you’re having fun!

I don’t know if the Clouders at 4PSA like Taxi’s cover-song Vreau sa raman in sosete (English translation: I want to stay in socks) but I like it, and I fully resonate with the idea of taking off my shoes every day at work.

The work environment is very nice, but we also have a huge responsibility on our shoulders. After the first day, I started to realize the scale of the work, and how my input will affect the end-product. You can imagine it was both awesome and terrifying at the same time. It was great to know that the Clouders trusted us with our help, but I couldn’t deny I was feeling a bit under pressure.

We have access to tons of documentation and our mentors handed us Kindles to speed up the learning process. Everything is well organized here, from the machines to the documentation, tutorials and source code. Before I knew it, I started to feel more comfortable in front of my computer, taking advantage of everything I could use to improve my skills. I was very excited to see that my work has a visible impact.

Between coding and training sessions, everyone is free to unwind with kinesiotherapy, regular workout, field tennis, and other fun stuff. Wednesday is Fruit Day, when we compensate for overeating on Happy (munching) Tuesday. Then there’s Thirsty Thursday which, from what I’ve heard, was debuted at the start of July. Take a quick peek here to see what it’s all about, because honestly I don’t remember so much from that day 😉


At the end of the week, we traded foosball for a real game of football (soccer for all you Americans) on Friday. It was an epic battle, and even though I stumbled in my own footsteps and passed the ball to the other team (I swear it was an accident, guys) I had a really great time, and so did everyone else.

After this awesome week, I keep thinking about the mentors who always smile when answering our (silly) questions. It’s the kind of stuff that makes you feel like part of a family. I’m thankful to have the opportunity to work with young people, and (it has to be said) with a lot of pretty girls 😉

There’s a lot to learn, but I have a strong feeling that I’ll really enjoy every second of it. How about you, what are you doing this summer?

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