Introducing Hubgets Page: Your Interactive Business Card

We’re incredibly excited to introduce you to a completely new way of communication and collaboration with business partners and clients. While you’re enjoying the benefits of using Hubgets with your team, anyone outside your organization can get in touch with you via your Hubgets Page, easier than ever. Here’s a quick walk-through of our new feature, to help you get started.
Introducing Hubgets Page

Hubgets Page is your interactive business card where you can enjoy a conversation on chat, voice, and video with, basically, anyone.

Log in and Customize Your Page as You See Fit

After you login to you Hubgets account, you can start editing the information you want others to see on your Page, like your avatar, name, company and job title. You can even use a nickname for media contacts or for website inquiries.
customize Hubgets Page

Manage Invitations and Contact Requests

With Hubgets Page, communication becomes a two way street. You can send talk invitations via email or directly from your Hubgets account, and also anyone that has your Page link can send you a contact request.
For every contact request, Hubgets will automatically gather more information about that person, such as the company they work for, their job title, social media accounts, and accurate geo-location. This way you’ll get a better picture of who is trying to get in touch with you.
Hubgets Page | Visitors Intelligence

Communicate Your Way

Once your session starts, you can start chatting or even establish 100% free phone conversations (voice and video) with your partner. You can collaborate on projects because with Hubgets Page you can securely transfer anything: really large documents, archives, and media files.
Hubgets Page | Share files

Give it a try now!

Go ahead and sign up for your free Hubgets account. It takes under 2 minutes to set it up 😉

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