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We have so many ideas for new discussion subjects… Unfortunately this makes quite difficult to prioritize posts. Please let us know what do you want to read about and we will do our best to satisfy you all.


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  • Well, I’d like to hear a lot more about what’s going on with the 4PSA products for Plesk (CleanServer, SpamGuardian, TotalDomains etc).

    So, what’s happening? What’s planned for the future? When will we see some new versions? That sort of thing 🙂

    VoipNow is very interesting too of course. I’d like to hear more about its use in a VPS (Virtuozzo/OpenVZ in particular). What hurdles did you have to jump to get it to work correctly? How did you handle MOH/MeetMe problems?

    All without giving away any secrets of course!

    Also any prize for the first comment? (if this is the first comment of course!) 😉

    Faris Raouf 11 years ago Reply

  • Maybe we should, but you were not the first 🙂 Thanks for the suggestions!

    4psa 11 years ago Reply

  • It would be great to have RSS in your blog!

    good blog..

    Matt 11 years ago Reply

  • It was added!

    4psa 11 years ago Reply

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