Business addons to VoipNow

VoipNow CallAPI opens the gate to a lot of business applications that use with the Asterisk Manager protocol, which is used by CallAPI. We wrote some articles to help you setup:

TAPI on Microsoft Windows – this means that you will be able to use the Microsoft Windows Telephony features in all Windows software, like Microsoft Outlook, Windows Dialer.

Outcall – this is a nice software that can also integrate with Outlook and also provides click2call and call popup. You can call anyone from the Address book very easily.

iSymphony – allows you to control extensions (calls, redirects, hangups, etc). The company receptionist can use it with great results.

Of course, any software that uses the Asterisk Manager interface should with with 4PSA VoipNow – and if it does not work the VoipNow Proxy LUA request/answer engine can be used (but this step is a little bit more advanced). We hope you will enjoy this.

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