Browsing for VoIP goodies

Sometimes I have nothing special on my list and I surf on the net searching for cool sites. Basically I keep looking for sites with quality information about VoIP (and aviation but that’s another story..). Most of the time I see the same news replicated across the whole VoIP blogging ecosystem, but sometimes I get lucky 🙂

Look at what I found:
bandwidth calculator tool, and another one. There are good if you need to provision your bandwidth requirements, also here you can find detailed description of codec types used in industry.
Going downhill, I found an article about factors affecting the voice quality of service (although the article is quite old, some things never change), but if you want serious stuff and you have 30 minutes to spend, you might want a take a look here

Why am I sharing with you these resources? I am not a technical guy, but I think that it is important to understand codecs and to allocate the necessary resources for VoIP calls.

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