4PSA Clean Server 4 Is Available

I guess you remember that two months ago I told you about a new version of Clean Server. At that time it was planned for release in September. Well, it was almost on schedule, one week later :), so right now you can download it. There are many improvements on this version, starting with the architecture and ending with the product distribution. I suggest you to read this brochure, as it describes quite nicely the new features and functionality.

Several customers are already running it, one of them with a large infrastructure of Plesk servers. He has around 300 servers, but they didn’t find enough time to upgrade them all. Anyways, they keep upgrading more and more every day and they dedicated several nodes for scanning (last time I checked, they were using five nodes). The results impressed them (funny: before this test they also offered Dr.Web for dedicated servers and VPS, but after the last week they decided to drop it from the offer). The average load on the servers got 40% lower and they did not experience any problems related to local email delivery. Before Clean Server 4, a lot of problems occurred due to email floods.

But I let you test it and build your own feedback.


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  • You made my WEEK! We were really killed by Dr.web scanning. Also tried Karpersky, but it’s not any difference, except for the price. Every day we had at least one server with thousands of emails in local queue and CPU 100%!!! Opened tickets with Swsoft (now Parallels) and all they were able to say was “Buy faster servers!”. What the hell, I have Quad Xeons at 1.8Ghz. I installed Clean Server yesterday and I am IMPRESSED! You really showed them how should be done. And Clean Server is much cheaper! If you triple the price I would still buy it, but PLEASE don’t!
    Parallels say good-bye to 5k per year in Dr.web “renewal fees”. Guys, did I mention that I LOVE YOU?
    One small request. Please make it work with Plesk 7.5.4 also. I have some servers with 7.5.4 and I can no upgrade them right now. I plan to move to faster machines, but not before spring. The fu*** economy does not allow us to do more. 🙂

    hosteurope 12 years ago Reply

  • Thanks. Really appreciate your feedback.

    We can not make it compatible with Plesk 7.5.4 without a considerable effort which at this time seems ilogical because Plesk 7.5 will soon be no longer supported by Parallels. However, this might be reconsidered in the future if we have many requests for this support.

    4psa 12 years ago Reply

  • Amazing work. I am so glad we discovered Clean Server several years ago. You don’t stop to amaze us.

    Ninehosting 12 years ago Reply

  • I started to upgrade yesterday all my servers. The load average is now 3, before this it was 6! I have a single scanning node and with 12 severs does not look so loaded.
    Indeed you guys are amazing.

    eric 12 years ago Reply

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