January Daily Activity…

For quite a while it was quiet on this blog. This does not mean that we forgot about it :). The truth is that we are very busy with several things.

First, it’s about software releases. VoipNow 2 is in a state when technically it can be released in the beta stage. We will do this in the next days, but first we try to solve all issues that resulted from the automatic tests. This will take maybe two weeks more. We also have some new and not so major releases that we must close, which involve a lot of work. And I didn’t remind here about the new software that we have in early phases of development. So January started for us with a lot of extra work.

Secondly, marketing is also busy to put things in order for new releases and to prepare our participation to the next events. BTW, we will be present to the Parallels Summit 2009, in Las Vegas, between 2-4 February 2009. We invite you to join, it’s free – three days of free meals, parties and interesting conferences, a very good deal :). If you come to Parallels Summit you will be able to get an exclusive preview of the next 4PSA products. We will get back regarding the next events we will participate in Q1 2009.

Thirdly, we adding talent to our team, which is a very difficult process, because we are looking for the best people. We believe in quality rather than in quantity, therefore we must identify top 1% people. Currently most positions are for our Bucharest, Romania engineering team, but we will open in Q1 several positions for US, Western Europe and Asia (sales mostly). The fact that we hire is a very good thing in the current economical situation. The business is doing ok and this is due to our customers. Thank you, we promise not to disappoint you.

So please excuse the lack of feedback in the start of 2009 🙂 Thanks.


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  • Good to know voipnow 2 is approaching.. Are you going to do another voipnow 2 webinar soon?

    MaTT 14 years ago Reply

    • Yes, we will have a new webinar in February and a training session at the end of February at our headquarters. Both will be announced with the beta 🙂

      Blog wizard 14 years ago Reply

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