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Tiny Tweaks for a More Productive Work Environment

Tiny Tweaks for a Productive Work Environment

Productive work is oftentimes unattainable. Very often we end up doing futile work on things unrelated to our productivity. And, by all standards, work should be productive. Yet, other than procrastination, there are countless reasons why it’s tough to do productive work. Most of the time, work inertia makes it hard to change things for the better. Chiefly, having spend so much time training to do things a certain way makes us reluctant to change.
Imagine, however, that you could bring forth change with a few tiny tweaks. Nothing too complex, no relearning or brain rewiring. Instead of huge changes that might not even work for you, try the shortest path to change. Tiny tweaks for productive work means that you invest as little as possible to get the greatest possible return.
Tiny Tweaks for a Productive Work Environment

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