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To Reduce Stress At Work, Avoid Interruptions

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Interruptions at work are inevitable, but how do they really affect us? While most people are concerned about their effects on productivity, the real danger comes from the stress they cause. Good news is that you can protect your health and well-being from unwanted, stress-inducing interruptions by simply implementing the following system.

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7 Clever Tools For Running More Productive Remote Meetings

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More and more companies need a toolbox to help them interact in real time with partners, clients and even remote employees.
However, running remote meetings in particular comes with its own challenges. Sometimes the participants are on different time zones. Everyone needs to be updated prior to the meeting regarding the topic of the conversation. Tasks have to be shared and everyone must have a clear understanding of the entire project. Not to mention the online meeting itself has to unfold without any technical problems.

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10 Essential Productivity Tools for Tech-Savvy Leaders

There’s nothing worse than having too many tools and not getting the best of them. If you’re looking to boost your productivity, here is the essential kit that will cover the most important aspects of your day to day activity – starting with communication and notes, and ending with project management. Cut the clutter and give these tools a try (hint: most of them are free!)

10 Essential Productivity Tools for Tech-Savvy Leaders | Hubgets

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