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Micro-Goals: How to Hit Targets, Learn, and Reorganize

Micro-goals are a novel concept in strategy. They allow a tactical segmentation of organizational plans. In a sense, it’s like re-creating your organization at a micro-scale.
Micro-goals are a way for your organization to learn. You use them to determine what outcomes are achievable by a small, very special, task force. Then you measure the progress of such a team and learn as much as you can.
Micro-goals, or how to hit targets, learn, and reorganize

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Flexible Goals, Hierarchies of Plans, and Increased Productivity

Goals can be flexible, and not just metaphorically. Flexibility is what allows you to improve your reach. It’s what protects you when you move, fast or strong. Flexibility delivers stability and lets you breathe, in and out. Goals are the tip of your reach. The target. The final, scalable, observable destination. In the pursuit of goals, teams are relentless, yet not always productive. Hence, let’s find out how flexible planning, goals, and productivity interconnect.
Flexible goals, increased productivity

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