Your Inbox Just Cost You Ten IQ Points [Infographic]

Your Inbox Just Cost You Ten IQ Points [Infographic]

Did you know that fielding email affects your brain (and even your IQ) much in the same way missing a night’s sleep would? Or that the holy trinity of time wasters – email, meetings, and interruptions – are costing the United States of America tens of billions of dollars annually?

Yes, it’s just another infographic that talks about wasting time at the office. But it’s so well put together that we couldn’t not share it. We also can’t abstain from stressing that we’re preparing to unleash an app so efficient at binding teams together that all this will be a thing of the past very soon (at least for the organizations that choose to use it).

Hubgets has Topics for project discussions. The data fed to the app can be searched for, which means far less emails will be hitting your inbox. The ability to swap files back and forth means that any emails that must circulate will no longer have files embedded in them. The instant messaging component means you will no longer require a separate, clunky app that looks completely different from your personal IM client. It does voice, video conferencing, presence, you name it!

But we won’t dwell on that today. So just enjoy the infographic – ‘You waste a lot of time at work‘ – courtesy of marketing specialists Hyperkat and Jira-makers Atlassian.

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