World Cup Football on the Edge and the Need for a Resilient Contact Center

The United States might be known for many things, but the prowess of its men’s soccer team is not one of them. This is the reason why many football enthusiasts around the world were puzzled when John Brooks’ header made it passed the Ghanaian goalie in the 86th minute of the World Cup game, giving the Americans a 2-1 lead they wouldn’t relinquish.

It was an upset to say the least. And Americans across the country took to Twitter to celebrate en-masse, indicating a large U.S. fan base for the Brazil-hosted event, as well as a hit for social media platforms. Twitter reported 4.9 million tweets sent during the U.S. vs. Ghana match. The latest U.S. vs. Portugal also brought a flurry of activity on Twitter when Portugal’s Varela managed to equalize the score in minute 90+5′ 🙂

Now imagine what would have happened if the cable providers carrying the game had a problem with their infrastructure, dropping the game unintentionally. All of the millions soccer fans glued to their screens would stare in shock at a blank TV facade. It would be only a matter of time before they reached out to their cable providers demanding an explanation, and they had better not be disappointed with subpar service at yet another level.

With the possibility of an almost unfathomable deluge of incoming calls, only cable providers with resilient contact centers well-prepared to handle high volumes could respond satisfactorily to customer demand. To do so, they would have had to have deployed cloud communications solutions and industry-leading contact center tools that help agents navigate complex customer landscapes. Why cloud? Because only cloud solutions can offer instant scalability at an affordable rate. Any other solution (i.e. on-premises) would have to be provisioned for thousands of concurrent calls capacity, which, to be frank, is no longer a viable solution from the cost perspective.

That’s where robust solutions like VoipNow enter the equation. Such solutions, designed specifically for the cloud, provide contact centers with the agility they need to handle sudden bursts in traffic. What’s more, the VoipNow has Unified Communications functionality, allowing agents to connect with customers via video calls and access all the tools they need to do their job, even remotely, so long as they have an Internet connection. Presumably, agents could be working from home for the rest of the Brazil World Cup, enjoying the games from the couch, for all customers would care. 🙂

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