Why Outfitting Your Office Is Crucial for Attracting New Talent

Companies competing in the technology sector are – to put it mildly – smart. They not only make the world go round, but they also set the tone for the future through their unique taste in architecture, collaboration and HR practices.

Employers today have to struggle to wow applicants with bold office designs, mild policies and a long list of benefits. For tech companies, the workforce is the most important asset. Without the people, there is no product or service, no matter how brilliant the company’s management might be.

Feels like home

Life in the office doesn’t have to be much different than life in your own home. Our work is a huge part of our lives, and so it is important to be comfortable at work. For us, it was a no brainer to turn the office into a cozy space where one can walk around barefooted (if he / she so wished).

Our workplace is vivid and cheerful, packed with fun stuff to do – gym, fossball, kinesiotherapy, you name it – and we have a flexible work style that lets us punch our cards at the time that suits us best. (No, we don’t actually punch the clock).


Natural light floods the office all day long, we have comfortable desks, and many of us grow plants here, making ours the greenest office on a ten-mile radius.


We know physical exercise is important, but so is staying hydrated. This summer we cooled off by instating a well deserved Thirsty Thursday tradition, which is a bit of a tongue twister, but who cares? Free drinks!

Why Outfitting Your Office Is Crucial To Attract New Talent

By keeping it real, we’ve attracted some of the best engineers in town, and our interns are proud to call them mentors. We encourage a collaborative culture not just through the software we develop, but also through vibe. We are admittedly small compared to others out there, but our team is brimming with creativity and engineering prowess. And girls.


Are employees now commanding their employers?

According to Bernice Boucher, head of workplace strategy in the Americas for JLL, managers are racing to create the most collaborative offices they can because the Millennial generation is demanding it.

A recent survey by JLL found that around 70% of corporate real estate executives at 544 companies say they the new-generation workforce demands efficient workplace designs that encourage collaboration. Some of the companies in question have thousands of employees, meaning they had to scale up big time. The top requested changes included a more open-minded attitude toward office space and more ways to enable flexible working. Oh, how the times have changed, and how the tables have turned!

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