These 10 Rules For Success All Have Something Big In Common

Here at 4PSA we love inspiring quotes. Hence our Quote of the Day series, but I’m not here to talk about that. Instead, I want to delight you with this neat chart by Ninja Infographic that outlines 10 golden rules for success, backed with famous words from the likes of Eleanor Roosevelt, Bill Cosby, Steve Jobs, and Pablo Picasso. But unlike other top-10’s I’ve seen, all these have one big thing in common.

Let’s try and guess it. Don’t cheat (don’t take on the infographic just yet). Quickly skim over the list:

  • Don’t pollute your mind
  • Take big risks
  • Take on all challenges
  • Do what you truly love
  • Stop procrastinating
  • Take continuous action
  • Trust your gut
  • Fight your fears
  • Deal with change
  • Don’t worry about what other people think

Can you guess what these all hint at? Take your time, no one’s rushing you. When you’re finally ready to see if you’ve cracked it, move on to the next paragraph.

If you said ‘focus,’ you’ve nailed it. At the top of the pyramid lies what can be considered the 11th commandment for successful types, and that is: don’t let yourself get distracted, or deviated from your path. Success demands focus, and good focus demands these other 10 practices. Blessed with these famous quotes, every single one of them sounds like a cornerstone of triumph and fortune.

Without further ado, the infographic “How to be successful without distraction” awaits below. Enjoy!

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