Hosting Providers Are Better Positioned than VoIP Providers

Better positioned where? 🙂 I agree that the title might be a little funny. But let me explain.

We estimate that around 75% of the providers that offer VoipNow are Internet Telephony only providers, around 15% are hosting providers that also offer Internet Telephony, and the rest of 10% are enterprises.

During the discussions with our customers, we discovered that most VoIP only providers do not usually offer value added services to their users and they only use VoipNow for a determined purpose, which is very specific (let’s say calling cards). We believe that this is unfortunate and that sooner or later the market will force them to go into value added services.

On the other hand, hosting providers usually offer more feature rich services. It’s absolutely clear that the market will converge in the next five years. The unified messaging market will force providers to offer hosting and communications bundled in one package.

For hosting providers it’s reasonably easy to start offering VoIP services, but for telephony service providers it’s not so easy. Even if hosting providers are much slower on adopting things, (surprisingly) they have a very interesting opportunity at their fingers. We can help them address it.

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  • I am of the opinion Hosted PBX is the way of the future not only because of the cost advantage compared to the traditional Telecom providers but also the fact the internet is becomming increasingly relaiabe and more amd more consumers are sampling and falling in love with the solution.

    Well built solution offered by organizations such as Broad Connect Telecom is increasing its market share with great service and better customer service.

    Claude 15 years ago Reply

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