David, Core Apps Intern @4PSA

David’s First Task as an Intern in 4PSA Cool Summer Internship

A little while ago, our intern Vladut was telling you in a blogpost about his first week at 4PSA. His article became so popular that we decided to share more of how our interns feel about working and learning at 4PSA. Today, we start a new series about their experiences where you’ll get to take a peek at what 4PSA Cool Summer Internship is all about.

David, one of our Apps Core interns, has a couple of things to say about his first task at 4PSA.

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Quote Of The Day By Israelmore Ayivor

Teamwork | Image credits: sustainable-nano.com

Character is important when you’re looking to build a team. Good training is simply not enough to propel a company forward. You need passion and determination to excel in a competitive marketplace.

When you do find highly motivated people, your next job is to retain them. Their satisfaction has to be personal, not just aligned with the company’s goals. It may sound like common sense when you read about it, but in reality it’s not easy to attain. Youth Leadership Coach Israelmore Ayivor makes it his duty to remind aspiring leaders that teamwork rests on the shoulders of each individual.

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How To Tell If A Planet Harbors Life

In light of the historical Pluto flyby, the internet is more fired up than ever regarding planets and space stuff. New Horizons was a hot topic on Twitter and Facebook on July 14 when the probe gave us the first clear pictures of Pluto (and its tiny moons) since we discovered the dwarf-planet in the 70s.

Few people hoped to find anything astounding there, but even as the first shots arrived, Pluto was showing several interesting characteristics, including its notoriously big heart. NASA is still sifting through the mountains of data, which promises to yield new information about the formation of the Pluto system, the Kuiper belt, and the early Solar System.

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Entrepreneurship Comes From Money, Not Genes [Study]

It’s upsetting to know that your jet-set friends will always have it better than you thanks to their wealthy families, but it’s a reality we have to accept. Many have made their fortunes through hard work, getting up at 5 and investing all their energy in changing paradigms. Who can argue, then, that their offspring received the best?

According to recent studies, it is this simple recipe that usually makes an entrepreneur: wealthy family (i.e. safety net) → great education → Mom & Dad supply capital after graduation → Mom & Dad’s connections pave the way to business-oriented future → business works thanks to positive attitude and risk taking.

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IT Needs to Get Off Its Butt And Start Teaching UC

Communication between a company’s IT department and the rest of the organization is often fragmented. We all accept that this is the norm because techies do one thing and everyone else does another. Sales, marketing, operations – they all basically require you to be human. IT requires you to be smart too. Which is why we applaud them for what they do. But every once in a while, the communication barrier between IT and the rest of the organization begs to be lifted.

In every company, big or small, there comes a point when the geeks need to come down from up above (or climb out of their basement) and hold a good old-fashioned training session. In the Unified Communications game, that time is now!

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How to speak Cloud

Learn Every Single Cloud Computing Term With This Comprehensive Glossary

Learn to speak cloud computing

Learn to speak cloud computing

Not too long ago we discussed how a third of Americans were clueless about the notion of cloud computing – what it does, how it works, where it’s located, etc. – and today we’re doing a public service by offering readers an easy way to finally understand the cloud, and its purpose.

Solutions Review, a collection of best practices for IT software technology solutions offers this awesome A-to-Z cloud computing IT glossary which packs definitions for 50 of the most-used cloud computing terms and acronyms.

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Courtesy of 4umi.com

Quote of the Day By Jonathan Swift

"I lay all this while, as the reader may believe, in great uneasiness." - Page 8

“I lay all this while, as the reader may believe, in great uneasiness.” – Page 8

Personalities are a dime a dozen, but when it comes to beliefs, much clearer distinctions can be made between people. You can’t convince an atheist that there is a God in the same way that you can’t convince your cat to take a bath. The same goes for spiritualists who ignore scientific proof in favor of superstition. Even agnostics are tough nuts to crack sometimes.

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8 Things That Movies Get Wrong About Aliens

It’s been a while since Hollywood last coughed up a good science-fiction dramatization. Throughout the history of Sci-Fi, screenwriters have come up with some crazy ideas about extraterrestrials, some more plausible than others. We’re here to talk about the latter.

Since this is a weekend narrative, let’s all relax our beat-up neurons and let imagination hop in the driver’s seat for a minute. To help with that, I’ve prepared a list of 8 mindless alien concepts that the Sci-Fi film industry has been littered with over the years. Hopefully now that we’ve seen there are no green men on Pluto, maybe we can finally lay to rest some of these crippled ideas:

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Barack Obama: a still from the President's message on net neutrality from November 2014

Remembering How President Obama Helped Save The Internet

Barack Obama: a still from the President's message on net neutrality from 2014

Today, Medium Daily Digest served me one of the best 5-minute reads available on the web: US President Barack Obama’s open letter to the FCC, twisting their arm to do the right thing and save the Internet from ISP monopoly. For those who haven’t read it, let’s recap and remember how The White House supported (and still supports) the notion of an open Internet, amid wireless carriers’ appeal to the FCC’s June ruling.

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William James Said It First

William James Said It First | Image: 92-year old Harriette Thompson completes 26-mile race  in 7 hours, 7 minutes and 42 seconds | Credits: Getty Images via CNN

Isn’t it awesome to find that you’re capable of more than you thought? Unexpected realizations have a special place in our hearts, and for good reason too: doing what we thought to be impossible marks our existence in the most profound ways possible. Think the light bulb, the telephone, or rockets to the moon.

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